Chickpeas with minced Chicken (Chole Keema)

Chickpeas is used commonly in Indian and Middle Eastern dishes. If you search on Google, you’ll come across different types of chickpea and the variety dishes prepared in different parts of the world. I prepare ‘Chole Masala’ quite often at home (it’s a popular chickpea dish in the state of Punjab in India). However, it’s a vegetarian dish and since I have a preference for non-vegetarian dishes, I usually prepare it with minced chicken. That way I can enjoy the chickpeas as well as the flavor of chicken in it πŸ™‚

Chickpeas, given the great health benefits – rich in fibre, protein, high iron content, lowers LDL cholesterol etc is definitely a healthy option. And yes, you can always tweak the recipe to add your flavors as well as I did mine.

I would love to hear your comments on this dish as well as any new flavors you added.

More chickpea recipes of other cuisines to come later. Keep reading! πŸ™‚


Preparation Time: 20 minutes (excluding the time required to soak and boil the chickpeas)

Cooking Time:Β 25 minutes


Chickpeas – 2 cups, soaked overnight (for around 12 hours) and then boiled until soft or steamed in a pressure cooker for 15 minutes. Drain the water.

Minced Chicken – 130 to 140 g

Cooking Oil – 2.5 tablespoons

Potato – 1 big, skinned and cut into small cubes

Tomato – 1 medium, chopped

Onion – 1 to 2 medium, chopped. You can also use shallots – 6 to 7, chopped

Garlic – 6 to 7 cloves, made into a paste

Ginger – grated, 1 tablespoon

Red Chili paste or powder – 1 to 1.5 teaspoons

Turmeric powder – 2 teaspoons

Bay Leaf – 1 small

Cumin powder – 1 teaspoon

Coriander powder – 1.5 teaspoons

Asafoetida powder (Heeng)- 1 to 1.5 teaspoons

Garam Masala (blend of ground spices, available at any Indian store) – 1 teaspoon (optional)

Paprika – 1.5 teaspoons (optional)

Whipped Cream – 2 to 3 tablespoons

Water – 1 cup

Salt – to taste


Step 1: Heat oil in a pan. Once the oil is heated up, add the Bay Leaf and then (after 15 seconds or so) add the potato cubes along with the turmeric powder. Cook for 2 minutes.


Step 2: Add the onions and cook for around 2 minutes. Add the chopped tomato and cook until it has softened. Add the cumin powder followed by the ginger and garlic paste. Cook for another 3 minutes. Add the coriander powder, paprika and the chili powder. Cook for few more minutes until the spices have blended in well.




Step 3: Add the boiled chickpeas and Asafoetida powder (Heeng) and stir for another 3 minutes. Follow with the minced chicken. Add water and let the chicken cook for another 3 minutes. Add salt for taste.

Pic 1

Step 4: Pour in the cream and mix well. Add the Garam Masala and check salt for taste. Cook until you have the desired consistency. Serve hot with Indian bread (Roti or Paratha) or the bread of your choice.

Pic 2

Pic 3

A few tips:

  • You can choose to add more of the minced chicken and less of the chickpeas as per your preference. Minced lamb or mutton would make this dish even more tasty. However, if you’re adding minced meat, you would need to cook for a little longer after adding the meat (until cooked).
  • Instead of water, you can add chicken or meat stock (depending on the one you’re using) to make it more juicy and delicious.
  • For a vegetarian option of this dish, cook the recipe as above without the minced chicken.

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