Double Chocolate Oreo – a Valentine treat

It’s already time for Valentine’s day and I really haven’t planned anything much! Well, to be honest, for the past few years we haven’t celebrated Valentine’s day in a grand way. It’s a day to celebrate love, so we did it in our own sweet way every year – we went for dinner at a cozy restaurant followed by a good movie.

This year too will be the same plan but I wanted to add in one of the top home made chocolates to the menu. I started making this last year after I learnt making chocolates and this one turned out to be my husband’s favorite till date. I’ve made it several times since then and loved making it each time  🙂

If you like Oreos and chocolates, you must definitely try this 🙂

How are you planning to surprise your valentine this year? Any new recipes or valentine ideas are appreciated 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Preparation Time: Around 1 hour

Makes: 23 Double Chocolate Oreos


Dark chocolate couverture – chocolate coins, 250 g. If you’re using a solid block of chocolate instead of coins, chop the chocolate evenly into small pieces to make up to 250 g. This is to help the chocolate melt evenly and it will have lower risk of scorching.

Mini Chocolate Oreos – 23

Almond shaves – as required

Mixed fruit Jam – as required (feel free to use the jam of your choice)

Mix of peanut butter and grape jelly – as required (you can use other jellies if you’re allergic to peanut butter)

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Special Accessories:

Weighing Scale


Baking Paper (optional)

Mini cup cake baking tray

Chocolate cups

Heating pad

Step 1: Take a butter knife and apply small amounts of the mixed fruit jam to the top of each Oreo. Do not apply too much. Spread it smoothly so that that top is more or less even. Do this for half of the Oreos. For the rest of the oreos, follow the same with the mix of peanut butter and grape jelly. Keep each of them on a tray covered with baking paper.

Pic 5

Step 2: Take the mini cup cake baking tray and place the chocolate cups in each of the mould. If you don’t have such a baking tray, you can also use ice tray with a similar mould as a chocolate cup.

If your tray is small and cannot accommodate 23 oreos, you can adjust the amount of dark chocolate couverture according to the number of oreos used.

Step 3: Tempering of chocolate

For tempering dark chocolate, take around 2/3 rd of the chocolate in a dry microwave friendly bowl. Heat the chocolate in the microwave for around 45 seconds. Take it out and stir it well with a wooden spoon (preferable) or spatula. Check the temperature. Heat again in the microwave in bursts of 10 seconds, stirring and checking the temperature each time until it has reached 460 C (melting temperature of dark chocolate). You must do this very slowly. If the temperature has reached 450 C and not increasing further, run it in the microwave for another 4 to 5 seconds and check the temperature again so that it is 460 C. 

Pic 6

Once the temperature is at 46C, add rest of the chocolate to the bowl and stir until all the chocolate has melted. Keep checking the temperature intermittently until it has reached 290 C (don’t worry if the temperature is 29 point something, it’s fine). Once the temperature is at 290 C, heat it again in the microwave in bursts of 10 seconds, until it has reached 320 C. This is the working temperature of dark chocolate (you must be very careful when you do this as even a few degrees here and there can make your chocolate go out of temper. Heat for 5 instead of 10 seconds if necessary and check again). Your chocolate is in temper now.

Pic 7

Step 4: Now you need to act quickly while your chocolate is still in temper. Take a spoon and add small amounts of the tempered chocolate to the chocolate cups. Beat the tray a few times on the table so that the chocolate sits evenly in each of the cups. Follow by quickly adding all the chocolate oreos with the jam in the chocolate cups.

Pic 8

Pic 9

Step 5: Add more tempered chocolate to the oreos now to cover them up completely.

Pic 10

Keeping chocolate in temper is a bit tricky. So while you’re doing the above, check the temperature of your chocolate from time to time. If the temperature has dropped a degree or so below 320 C, place the bowl on a heating pad to maintain the temperature (make sure the heating pad is not too hot) and stir it. Once it has reached the working temperature, you can use it again. This method has worked for me till date. But you could adopt other methods too as per your preference.

Step 6: Once you’ve covered all the oreos with chocolate, add almond shaves on the top for some decoration and leave it at room temperature. If your chocolate has tempered properly, it will set within few minutes with a glossy finish.

Enjoy the double chocolate oreos with your special one 🙂

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