Egg Tomatina

A quick and delicious egg recipe to satisfy sudden cravings! I prepared this few weeks ago and was absolutely delighted after cooking this. I am always craving for good food and this is one of the things which inspire me to play around with different ingredients in the kitchen. I haven’t been experimental with eggs … Continue reading

Lime Chicken

Sundays are usually the days I like to prepare some special dish (well… not all Sundays though….haha). Today I prepared a very simple yet delicious recipe. I used lime as the main flavor imparting ingredient for this dish. The dish takes only about half an hour to prepare. So you won’t miss out on your … Continue reading

Chicken Fried Rice with Salsa

I was bored with having steamed rice for some time. That’s when I decided one day to spice it up a little. I had some chicken in stock and few vegetables, but the main ingredient was the salsa. I wasn’t sure of this dish at all until I tasted it and it turned out exactly … Continue reading

Fried Pomfret with Tangy Tomato Sauce

As I said earlier, I’m not a big fish eater but Pomfret is something I can rarely say no to. This is one recipe I prepared some time ago and really loved the way it turned out. For any fried ingredient, the sauce is the one that makes a difference and adds in to the … Continue reading

Chicken liver with eggplant

Last few months have been crazy!! Work, travel, family visiting us… there was so much going on…. mostly good stuff though. The so not good stuff was that I hadn’t been keeping well. After a long time I have time today to work on the recipe I had prepared earlier. I love chicken liver and … Continue reading

Radish and Potatoes

This is my second post on radish. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of radish. So when I cook any radish recipe, I try to flavor it up with something other than the normal. I can’t remember the radish recipes which were cooked at home when I was a kid, but it was … Continue reading

Chicken in Red Wine

It has rained almost everyday since the past few weeks. I’m just loving this weather! It’s pleasant and the best part is working on my laptop with a cup of coffee while it’s pouring outside 🙂 After a hectic week, yesterday we went to the Singapore Night Festival. It’s a festival organized by the National … Continue reading

Prawns in Maldivian style

The trip to Maldives is something I cherish even now.. months after the visit….it was such a wonderful one! It’s the most serene and relaxing place on earth I’ve ever been to…till date at least. It won’t be long before we go back again. Talking about the trip to Maldives, the local cuisine was something … Continue reading

Quick vegetable noodles

It’s such a pleasant day today….finally it has rained again!! I can smell the sweet and fresh fragrance of the rain….it’s so refreshing!! A cup of coffee and here I am writing this post after a long long time. Yes…. the past few weeks have been very busy with work and other stuff and I … Continue reading

Tomato Chicken

Last few days were quite busy and fun….busy as we had guests at home and fun of course as there was lots of chatting, going around and yes cooking! But most of the cooking I did last week was the usual normal Indian dishes. So yesterday after a long time, I thought of trying something … Continue reading