Chicken Fried Rice with Salsa

I was bored with having steamed rice for some time. That’s when I decided one day to spice it up a little. I had some chicken in stock and few vegetables, but the main ingredient was the salsa. I wasn’t sure of this dish at all until I tasted it and it turned out exactly … Continue reading

Herbed Chicken with Cheesy Tomato Sauce

I was thinking about how fast time flies! It has been more than 5 years I’ve come to Singapore and still feels like yesterday! Coming here has been a life changing experience for me. At the beginning (for the first few months) I had no job, no friends and worse… nothing in particular I could … Continue reading

Chicken in Black Bean Sauce

In my last recipe I had mentioned that I’ve tried my hand in quite a bit of Chinese recipes lately. So after the Prawns with Sweet and Sour Chili sauce turned out well, I wanted to try another Chinese recipe. And the next one on my list was Chicken in Black Bean Sauce. I wouldn’t … Continue reading

Chicken Noodles

Before writing this post, I got a bit curious about noodles. Where did noodles actually originate from? So I did a quick search and found the following on Wikipedia: “In 2002, archaeologists found an earthenware bowl containing the world’s oldest known noodles, measured to roughly 4000 years BP through radiocarbon dating, at the Lajia archaeological site along the … Continue reading

Hot and Sour Soup…an all time favorite!

Chinese food, especially of the Sichuan province is something I always relish! The simple reason being of the hot and spicy flavor which appeals to my palate. I visited China sometime back and co-incidentally I happened to visit the Sichuan province. The food was just amazing, starting from the soup, to the noodles, stir-fried recipes. … Continue reading

Spicy Sausage with Potatoes

Back in college, when I didn’t know how to cook gourmet dishes, I came out with this dish which was a blessing for my taste buds! I made this at times for dinner during exams and also sometimes on Sunday mornings. Yes that’s the specialty of this dish. You can have it for breakfast, lunch … Continue reading

Stir-fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts

After a long day, who would want to spend an hour at a grocery store and then cook for hours later, especially when your taste buds are craving for yummy food!! This is just the dish for the day! And I didn’t have to worry about the taste since it has a nice nutty, spicy … Continue reading