Chocolate Cereal Bars

Last two weeks of 2015 has been great! I took time to rest, eat good food, and do stuff… felt very relaxed after a very long time! I didn’t do much cooking during this period but made a few desserts 🙂 Hope you too had a great time during Christmas and New Year with your family and friends 🙂

Today I made these chocolate cereal bars and while I prepared these I told myself “I must share these!” These are super easy to make and hardly takes any time, plus if you are looking for something sweet yet not a calorie bomb, this is the stuff you are looking for! The recipe is quite flexible so even if you don’t have the exact ingredients, it should be fine.

Go ahead and try these, you will love it! 🙂


Preparation Time: 30 minutes (excluding the time required for the bars to set)

Makes: 12 chocolate cereal bars


Chocolate, dark couverture – 200 g

Chocolate Milk – 1/4 cup

Cereal – 100 g, I used unprocessed muesli for this recipe.

Orange flavor – 1 to 2 tsp

For the caramel:

Water – 2 to 3 tbsp

Sugar – 2 tbsp

Special Accessories:

Baking Paper

Small Tray

Cling Film (optional)


Step 1: Heat the chocolate in microwave in bursts of 30 seconds until it has fully melted. Add the milk and mix well.


Step 2: Add the Cereal and orange flavor and mix well.


Step 3: Take a small tray and place the baking paper so that it covers the base and sides of the tray. Transfer the ingredients to the tray and spread it evenly. Cover the tray with the cling film (optional) and put it inside the fridge for some time until it sets.


Step 4: Once the chocolate has set, take it out and cut it into bars (you can cut it into shapes and sizes as per your preference). Place the bars into another plate or tray and keep aside.


Step 5: To make the caramel, take the water in a microwave friendly bowl. Add the sugar and mix well. Now heat it in the microwave in bursts of a minute and mix well until it gets thicker. Once the mixture has turned golden brown in color, take the bowl out and use a spoon to spread the caramel on the bars. Leave it to set and cool down for few minutes.

Step 6: Your delicious chocolate cereal bars are ready to eat! 🙂

A few tips: 

  • Create variation of these bars by using white chocolate.
  • You can add different flavors like vanilla, mint etc.
  • Add berries and nuts as you wish.

To print this recipe click here: Chocolate Cereal Bars

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Chocolate Intoxication

As my chocolate making journey continues, I must say it’s just getting more and more exciting! After making truffles and moulded chocolates for the last couple of months, I decided to indulge into something different. So the other day when I was at the store, I saw these shot glasses and the first thought which came to my mind was not alcohol but chocolates!! I quickly mapped out a rough recipe in my brain 🙂

Totally energised, I tried the recipe after I got back home, but I realized I had forgotten the cream….so I made it only with chocolates and the result was a bit of a goof up since the chocolate hardened once I refrigerated it. So I tried it the second time with chocolate ganache and yes this time it turned out softer as desired. This recipe can be a very good dessert, as well as a mid day treat for you chocolate lovers out there! 🙂

You do not need to be a pro to prepare this recipe…it’s really simple and easy for first timers as well. So here you go….



Preparation Time: 35 to 40 minutes (excludes time required to set the chocolate)

Makes: 10 shot glasses of Chocolate Intoxication


White Chocolate – 250 g

Dark Chocolate – 250 g

Cream – 1/3 cup each for the white and dark chocolate ganache

Dried cranberries – a handful, cut into small bits

Crunchy chocolate pearls – a few, as required

Mini marshmallows (optional) – a few, as required

Mini heart-shaped decorations – as required

Icing color (optional)


Special Accessories:

Weighing scale or measurement cups

Shot glasses – 10, (you can also use normal small dessert glasses if you don’t have shot glasses)

Zip lock packets (optional) – 2, for piping the chocolate in the shot glasses

Step 1: With a spoon add small amounts of dried cranberries at the bottom of the shot glasses.


Step 2: Take the white chocolate in a big bowl. If you’re using a block of chocolate, make sure you chop the chocolate finely before measuring so that the chocolate melts evenly. Take the cream set aside for white chocolate ganache in another bowl and heat it in the microwave or on the stove until the cream just starts boiling and you can see small bubbles. Pour the hot cream on the white chocolate and stir until you get a smooth and thick mixture of the consistency you wish. Set at room temperature for few minutes, for the ganache to cool down. . You can a pinch of icing/food color if you wish to add some color to the white chocolate ganache.


Step 3: Take a zip lock bag and add the white chocolate inside it with a big spoon and then tie the top of the zip lock bag. Now press the chocolate towards one corner of the zip lock bag and cut at the tip (from where you want to pour the chocolate). Pour the white chocolate ganache equally into the shot glasses so that it has filled up a little more than half in each of them. If the ganache is still warm, let it cool down a bit and then refrigerate it for around 5 to 10 minutes.


Step 4: Meanwhile, prepare the dark chocolate ganache in a similar way as the white chocolate ganache (described above) and pour it into another zip lock bag. Take out the shot glasses from the refrigerator. Add some marshmallows to the glasses and then add the dark chocolate ganache in a similar way to cover up all the glasses. Leave it to set for 15 to 20 minutes and then add some crunchy choco pearls and mini heart decorations on top. You can use other decorations too as desired. Leave it to set for another 5 minutes and then refrigerate it.


Step 5: Enjoy the chocolate intoxication at any time of the day 🙂

A few tips:

  • Take out the shot glass from the refrigerator and keep it at room temperature for few minutes before serving.
  • Add some strawberries on top if desired. However, if you’re adding fresh fruits make sure you make in small quantities so that you don’t need to store it for a longer time. Alternatively, you can add the fruits on top just before serving.

To print this recipe click here: Chocolate Intoxication

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Daily Chocolate Bites

Sundays are usually my time to relax but every Sunday doesn’t turn out to be as expected. It has been busy and tiring since morning! Hence, finally to relax myself, I tried out this recipe and yes I loved it!! Simply because it was so easy to make! No tempering of chocolate, no hours of sweating in the kitchen in this hot and humid weather! At first I wasn’t very sure if it would turn out as I was expecting, but yes it did!

I called it ‘Daily Chocolate Bites’ since you can prepare it every other day and you don’t even too many ingredients or accessories! I’m actually having my chocolate bite as I’m writing this post 🙂 The four layered ingredients tantalized my taste buds with so many flavours and textures – chewy, fruity, slightly crunchy and of course we have the chocolate flavour at the end! Chocolate simply makes everything so delicious! I cut the chocolate bites into roughly rectangular pieces which gave it a very nice home-made finish. Try it out and you will love it too 🙂


 Preparation Time: Around 20 minutes

Makes: 8 to 10 roughly rectangular pieces


Dark Chocolate – Around 200 g

Marshmallows – 12 small discs (you can cut the big ones or even use mini marshmallows per your preference)

Dry fruits – Around 1/4 cup, cut into small pieces

Biscuits – 4, crushed into small irregular pieces (you can use the biscuit of your choice)

Margarine – 3 tsp

Golden syrup – 3 tsp

Special Accessories:

Baking paper

Weighing scale or measurement cups

Small sized box or baking tin


Step 1: Add the golden syrup to the butter in a microwave safe bowl and heat it in the microwave for around 5 to 10 seconds. Mix well and let it cool for a few minutes. Add this to the crushed biscuits and mix well. Set aside.


Step 2: Take a small box or baking tin and place baking paper so that it covers the bottom of the tin and the sides. I used 2 small baking tins as I didn’t have a size that was just enough for the amount of ingredients I had. You can adjust the ingredients according to the size of your box or baking tin. Now place the crushed biscuits evenly as the base layer.


Step 3: Next add the marshmallows followed by the dry fruits. Now heat the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl in bursts of 10 seconds, with stirring. Once the chocolate has melted and has a medium runny consistency, pour it on top of the dry fruits so as to form the top layer. Use a spoon to even out the layer and then beat the box or baking tin a few times on the platform so that the chocolate has spread and settled evenly. Leave it as is for around 10 minutes and then refrigerate it until it has set hard.





Step 4: Once the chocolate has set, take it out and turn the box/tin upside down and you’ll have the block out. Carefully remove the baking paper. Take a sharp knife and cut it into roughly rectangular pieces or shapes of your choice. If it is too hard, leave it outside for around 10 minutes, else the pieces might break while cutting. Since the chocolate is not tempered, you will need to keep it refrigerated (especially if you’re living in a hot and humid climate).

Step 5: Enjoy your chocolate bites along your everyday tea or coffee 🙂

To print this recipe click here: Daily Chocolate Bites

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